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Intel Kaby Lake Core i7-7700K Performance & Z270 Chipset Overview – You can read up on some of the basic design overviews of Kaby Lake in our previous article, but today marks the release of the latest desktop releases, starting with the headline chip, the Core.

on a clean install of Windows 10 Professional x64. The higher-clocked, Kaby Lake-based Core i7-7700K took the overall lead here, but the Core i7-6700K was only slighly behind it. Once again.

We run the Windows platform.

The 4.8GHz 7700K is 17% faster than a 4.7GHz 4790K. A similar performance difference is observed at stock speeds. Kaby Lake’s i7-7700K outperforms the 3.6GHz.

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Unlike the Z170X GAMING 7 that.

on Windows. But a quick look at HWInfo indicated a few notes of concern, and for those who have been following the thermal challenges of the i7-7700K it should.

Intel Core i7-7700K Kaby Lake review: Is the desktop CPU dead? – Intel’s Kaby Lake Core i7-7700K is what happens when a chip company.

What you do get is support for 4K media decoding inside Windows 10’s PlayReady 3.0 DRM, which makes 4K Netflix possible.

3DMark 11 is designed for testing DirectX 11 hardware running on Windows 7 and Windows Vista. The benchmark includes six all new benchmark tests that make extensive use of all the new features in.

What are the differences between the Core i7-7700 Vs i7-7700HQ Vs i7-7700K chipsets? Let’s find out. On a broad spectrum, these three chipsets can be differentiated using the performance.

4K playback also requires at least the Anniversary Update of Windows 10 and is currently.

On paper, the Core i7-7700K is only 5% and 7% faster than the 6700K in terms of base clock and turbo.

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