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I have recently aquired 2 Dell Optiplex GX150 systems. I am not having much success in getting these systems setup. So I am seeking advice on my problem. Both systems when placed into Setup mode via.

Dell Optiplex GX260 Review, Set up & OverviewDell Optiplex GX150 workstation not booting – It killed the hard drive on my HP (brand new PC) and did this to my Dell (same PC ) as posted subject title. So im just getting around to fixing it and a buddy of mine that owns a computer repair.

Dell will add a Optiplex GX260n model to its line, as well as a Precision 530n and 340n line. The models will include the same hardware and same BIOS as the “non-‘n’” models which contain a Microsoft.

Dell optiplex GX270 wont boot floppy drive clicks on push of the start button with both the light in the power button flashing and the light to the right of it flashing green. the screen does not even.

Dell Optiplex 150, computer only recognises Primary channel for hd and doesnt pick up the cd rom, tried several cd roms and still the same, it only comes up as unknown device, got bios A05, any help.

The Dell was one of the four split systems that we tested. It uses a MicroATX motherboard and features an Intel Pentium 4 2.0GHz processor with 256MB of RAM, 20GB hard disk drive, and 32MB ATI Radeon.

I would think that it is most likely the PSU as you suspect. I am actually working on an Optiplex GX150 with the same problem right now. I found documentation on the Dell support website that stated.

This, along with the Dell OptiPlex GX260, is one of the top corporate PCs on the market, offering a unique set of security features and effective management tools. The M42 is available in four form.

I have a Dell OptiPlex GX280 and it only has 516Mb of RAM and i want to get at least 2Gb and im just wondering what the max speed supported is. It has pc2-3200 and i would like to put in pc2-6400 but.

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