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Resolving The Bad_Pool_Header Blue Screen Error In Windows 10Picking Up the Pieces: Demystifying the Blue Screen of Death – Figure out what the Blue Screen Of Death really means Have you ever had that 3:00 AM phone call from someone saying that one of your servers is displaying the Blue Screen of Death? In such a.

Q: From time to time, my computer freezes and I get a blue screen that says “BAD_POOL_HEADER.” My computer then does a restart after a few minutes and it seems to work fine. What causes this.

BSOD errors are one of the most frequent and troublesome ones on the Windows system. It causes your PC to constantly restart and prevents you from entering the system.

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Visit Microsoft for a detailed read. Each reference page, lists the bug check code, the text string, and the four additional parameters which are displayed with each bug check. It also describes how.

After the first progress bar from booting from the DVD, I get a BSOD saying I got a “Bad_pool_header.” What can I do to correct this, so I can reinstall Vista? The mobo and RAM are new.

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i own a 2 years old Dell Inspiron 6400 laptop with a windows Xp service pack 2. for the past few months i have been experiencing Blue screen error, frequently. it occurs around 2 to 3 hours after i.

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