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How to set up a NKN Miner on Windows 10 and run it as an automatic service – A simple way to create such one tool called NSSM (Non Sucking Service Manager). As time of writing the official site for NSSM ( is not available. So we have to install it via.

I used NSSM (Non-Sucking Service Manager) and followed this article to get this working. With everything installed, it was time to go to the Sitecore development portal and download the Sitecore 9.

Windows 7 Network Icon Park Forest, known for quirky and humorous Facebook postings, is turning to stoner icons Cheech and Chong in a. Some network monitoring solutions can be a pain to set up, but if speed is your concern then worry not: AdRem’s NetCrunch gets you up and running in a flash. We installed the Server and Console.

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