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Just a couple days ago Anti-fraud firm MarkMonitor claimed that upload sites are "on a par with peer-to-peer sites when it comes to piracy." MarkMonitor’s stats say that RapidShare, Megaupload and.

Says graf via his own blog: Guys, SONY was today at my home with police and got all my stuff and accounts. So be careful from now on. After the raid, graf (Alexander Egorenkov), uploaded all his.

Generally when government tries to interfere with the Internet in any way at all, there are concerns raised from ISP’s and privacy and personal liberty proponents, but the reaction to Australia’s plan.

The truck was crashed into by a car in southern Paris before two armed and masked individuals jumped out, tossed tear gas then stole the truck. Reports say the lot is worth about 400,000 euros. There.

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Att Mobile Transfer App The report, based on crowdsourced data from the researchers’ mobile. This app fails to account for a user’s choice of settings or plan that may affect speeds.” AT&T did not respond. The mother of all ingenious hacks has emerged: if you have an Android smartphone and a T-Mobile (US) unlimited messaging plan, you can now

The exact quote, in Microsoft’s content legislation, is "Your app must not contain adult content, and metadata must be appropriate for everyone. Apps with a rating over PEGI 16, ESRB MATURE, or that.

A federal judge has given the Group the rights to subpoena ISPs to find the identity of those who downloaded the film, which means that 23,000 number may be a lowball.

The database also includes CCV security numbers (3 or 4 numbers on the back of the card), which means anyone with the numbers and names can purchase online without a hitch. It appears the hackers.

Hackers have taken all your info from PSN – Sony says hackers have stolen PSN account info, forcing the company to shut down PSN and Qriocity as it rebuilds its services. In an announcement, Sony says the attack took place between April 17th.

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