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The extension in question was Page Ruler, a Chrome addition with some 400,000 downloads. Page Ruler lets users measure the.

Google Chrome discontinued support in version 45 (September 2015) while Mozilla waited until March 2017 to remove Silverlight.

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500 Chrome extensions secretly uploaded private data from millions of users – More than 500 browser extensions downloaded millions of times from Google’s Chrome Web Store surreptitiously.

possibly as early as 2017. While each of the 500 plugins appeared to be different.

Cortana was first introduced in 2014 for Windows Phone, which met its own demise in 2017. It made its way into Windows 10 in.

Google’s next big step in its two-year march to remove.

by the Chrome browser was initially revealed last May, following similar moves by Apple and its Safari browser in April 2017 and.

These include a new UI for Chrome’s new tab page, a screenshot editor, a custom share sheet, a duet-friendly UI for tab groups, and some.

Towards the end of 2017, we learned that Google was.

Google Chrome Helper is essentially the interface bridge that allows external plug-ins to work on your browser. You can disable Google Chrome Helper to try and offset.

How to get Chrome dark mode – Chrome dark mode is a new look for the web browser that changes its standard white interface to shades of black and gray –.

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